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My mom and dad told me we don’t have enough money for Christmas presents this year – my Dad had an accident and can’t work.  My mom works really hard but says to me and my brother there is only enough for rent and food. My little brother still believes there’s a Santa and I really wish there could be something under the tree for him. I just want my family to be happy at Christmas time.

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Just $1500 will help to ensure that three families receive the help they need at Christmas and throughout the year.

Every night I hear my sister crying in her room.  I don`t know what to do – she`s really sad about something but tells me to leave her alone.  If I tell my mom about it, my sister will get mad at me just like she did when I told my mom about her throwing up in the bathroom.  I wish my dad was still here.  Maybe he could fix this.

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Just $5,000 a year will provide weekly counselling.

I have two friends who think they’re fat but they’re both actually quite skinny. I think they have anorexia or bulimia - they are always counting calories.  They help each other by always being together.  When one eats something, the other hits her and makes her spit it out.  They will put their fingers down each other’s throat to make each other throw up.  I know this isn’t good and I want to help them but if I say anything, they get angry. I am afraid they’ll end up in the hospital.   What should I do?

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Just $10,000 a year supports the Parents, Partners and Friends eating disorders support group.

Mummy says she loves to see me jump for joy when we get to go to the I hope family centre. I love it there.  There are so many toys I don’t have at home. The castle is so fun!  I like the story time and songs - especially the snack song.  The people there are so nice to me and mummy says they help her be a better parent.  I think she’s already a good Mummy except on those days when we are late and the I hope centre has the “full” sign out.  It makes me sad when we hurry to get there, but there is no room for us.  I wish there was room for all of us.

You can help this family access the I hope family centre.

$25,000 will provide one month of operating costs to ensure all families have access to the centre.