Donor Rights and Privacy Policy

Policy: FSNS respects the privacy of its donors and only publishes names of donors with permission. The provisions of the Privacy Act are followed.

Procedure: Donor information will be used solely to fulfill their donation and shall not be shared unless permission is granted by the donor. All requests to remain anonymous will be honoured. Donors may request to be removed from the mailing list and will be flagged in the donor base as DO NOT MAIL (DNM). The donor list will not be sold or used for any purpose other than the raising of funds for the Agency or Foundation.

Donor Rights:

  • To be informed of the mission of the agency and the intended use of the donation.
  • To know who the members of the Board of Directors are and to expect the Board will steward the donation appropriately.
  • To be assured their gift will be used as solicited.
  • To receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition.
  • To remain anonymous if requested.
  • To be removed from a direct mail list.
  • To be assured their information will be kept confidential.
  • To know that FSNS will not sell the mailing lists.
  • To ask any questions when making a donation and to receive prompt and accurate information.